Online Interviews

Online Interviews with Jonathan Safran Foer

Everything is Illuminated - Identity Theory interview Jonathan Safran Foer about Everything is Illuminated and what it means to be an author. - The Observer discusses Everything Is Illuminated, the moment Foer knew he'd sold his manuscript, the mixing of humour and the Holocaust and his reading. - BookBrowse interviews Safran Foer about Eating AnimalsEverything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. - HarperCollins interviews Safran Foer about Everything is Illuminated.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Mother Jones interviews Safran Foer about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, his Jewish influences, the writing process and being a young best-seller.

Eating Animals - Granta magazine interview with Jonathan Safran Foer about his book Eating Animals. - The Young and Hungry interview with Jonathan Safran Foer about his favourite foods, cooking and his vegetarianism. - The A.V. Club interviews Safran Foer about Eating Animals, vegetarianism and rampant capitalism. - The Huffington Post interviews Safran Foer about Eating Animals. - Crazy Sexy Life interviews Safran Foer about Eating Animals. - The Sydney Morning Herald interviews Safran Foer about Eating Animals and the food industry. - The New Statesman interviews Foer about Eating Animals. - Edible Manhattan interviews Foer about Eating Animals. - The Ecologist interviews Foer about vegetarianism and the food industry.

Tree of Codes - The New York Times interviews Foer about Tree of Codes and books as art objects. - Daily Candy interviews Foer about Tree of Codes.

General Interviews - NYLocal interview with Jonathan Safran Foer about his time teaching at NYU, about his books, why he writes and about nasty reviews. - The Morning News interviews Safran Foer about his favourite music, his thoughts on books and the writing process. - WriteThis interviews Foer about politics, new books and political influences on his writing.


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